I wanted to turn all the dates in my Changes file into the YYYY-MM-DD format (in this case from things like “Aug 27, 2008”). Here’s my one-liner:

The DateTime project is pretty badass, if I do say so myself. Note that most of the credit here should go to Steven Schubiger for DateTime::Format::Natural

2 thoughts on “DateTime Project Rulez0rz

  1. It is a pity you had to hose the original content of datetime.perl.org to prove it. It is now one of the few perl.org sites where the old look (and content) was better than the new.

  2. @mirrorkitty: The content is exactly the same on the new wiki as it was on the old, minus the insane amounts of spam.

    If you actually want to do anything on it besides leave snarky comments on my blog, you could look at patching Silki to allow themes and redo the datetime theme.

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