A while back, I posted an announcement of my Type distro.

The name Type was always somewhat of a placeholder, and I recently found out that the Type namespace is owned by someone else. It looks like the owner deleted this distro long ago, so I could try to get the namespace transferred, but I think this really just highlights the problems with such a generic name.

If anyone has suggestions for a new name, I’d be happy to hear it. The distro as it stands has package names such as Type::Constraint, Type::Coercion, and Type::Library. It also has some long names like Type::Constraint::Role::Interface.

Given those two facts, I’m looking for a new single word namespace to use. I really want something where I can just replace “Type” with “Word”. That rules out something like “Constraint” (which is too generic anyway).

So far my leading contender is Blazon, which thesaurus.com claims is a synonym for type. Generally speaking, I think it’s best when a single-level module name is more of a project name than a descriptor of the module (says the author of DateTime).

But if anyone has any better suggestions I’d love to hear them.

4 thoughts on “Renaming Type

  1. I don’t think blazon is the best choice. If you look for synonyms of blazon, type don’t show up.

    My own suggestion would be variety, even if that sound a little too bland to me.

  2. You could make it phonetic spelling of type: Maybe “Tipe” or “Taip” or “Tiep”

  3. Well, “blazon” means the description of a coat of arms in words, so I imagine whoever decided it was a synonym for “type” was using “type” in the typographical (fonts) sense.

    A better synonym might be “Taxon” or “Genus” or something like that. Or “Ilk,” which is short, albeit difficult to read in typefaces where the capital I is not very different from lowercase l.

  4. I started thinking about this (mainly because I like words and naming things) and came up with a few ideas, some of which make some sense, some of which I just stumbled over:

    Pen – I was thinking about “things that constrain”
    Kaolin – A type of clay used in everything from pottery to toothpaste. I thought, constraining and coercing data to conform to types is kind of like molding clay. Could be shortened to “Kao”.
    Shi (氏) – According to Wikipedia, a Chinese term for a clan name, often denoting lineage or status, and/or identifying to which group a person belongs.
    Dub – As in, “I dub thee ArrayOfPrimeIntegers”
    Spruce – I thought, “Assigning types in perl is like dressing up a pig – you can call her Betsy but she’s still just pork underneath!”… which led me to words for getting dressed-up, which eventually led to this.

    And with that I’m just getting silly. :)

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