Join us for a one day class that will get you up to speed with the Go programming language.

The class will take place on Saturday, May 30, from 9:30am to 5:30pm. The venue is the Days Hotel located at 2407 University Ave SE in Minneapolis near the University of Minnesota.

There are a few million new languages making buzz on the Internet these days and Go is one of them! Go hits a nice sweet spot between ease of coding, speed of execution, and modern features such as type inferencing, concurrency, and a minimalist but well-designed OO system.

In this class, I’ll introduce you to Go basics including syntax, the type system, OO in Go, packages and package management, and concurrency.

This is a hands-on course. Each lecture section is followed by a hands-on exercise section where you put what you’ve just learned into practice. The instructor will work with each student individually as needed to help you get the most from these exercises.

Students are expected to bring a laptop. You will also be provided with instructions on getting your Go environment set up a few days before the class.

This class is aimed at anyone who wants to learn Go. I assume that you have experience programming in at least one other language, but you are not expected to be familiar with Go.

As this is the first time this class is being offered, this first session is available for only $30. What’s the catch? Anyone who takes this class will also be expected to fill out a survey telling me what I can do to improve the class.

Questions? Please email me.

Reserve Your Spot

There are only 15 seats total available for this class. Purchase a ticket through PayPal now to reserve yours.

About the Instructor

Dave Rolsky is a software development veteran, having started as an engineer in the very first dot-com boom in 1999. He has presented at numerous conferences around the world, from Japan to the United States, where he has received consistently positive evaluations for his presentations. He has been using Go for the past year or so at work to implement high performance web services.

As a class instructor, he has been offering a one day Perl class on Moose, an object orientation framework for Perl. Students from his Moose class have said:

  • “I thought Dave’s class was outstanding. Well prepared and highly valuable content. This course was one of the best organized I’ve had the opportunity to take.” – Chris Fedde
  • “It damn sure was a good use! It would’ve been a huge mistake not taking your class; Moose is a magnificent beast and I couldn’t have picked a better primer.” – Brian Fraser
  • “The class was great. There was a nice balance of material presented to hands-on experimentation, and alternating between lecture and exercises helped nail down concepts.” – Philip Monsen

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