Moose Docs Grant Moving Forward – Recipe Revision

The latest release of Moose, 0.69, marks another completed deliverable in the Moose docs grant. For this release, I finished revising every cookbook recipe in the distro.

My goals were to generally improve the text (Stevan is wordy in hist first drafts ;), and also to make sure we are consistent in our terminology and style.

I also ended moving a fair bit of documentation from cookbook recipes over to the manual. Before the manual existed, some “general doc” pieces ended up in the cookbook for lack of a better home.

In particular, I ended up adding a fair bit of content to the Best Practices manual based on some writing that used to live in Moose::Cookbook::Style.


  1. More details on using Moose with Error objects (not Error, that seems to be incompatible with Moose) would be good.

  2. Thanks for the lovely documentation. It’s very much appreciated. :-)

    I’ve passed the new Moose::Manual::* through my Pod::Manual machine and generated a pdf version of it (well, two actually: one using LaTeX, one using Prince). The pdfs are at if you are interested.

  3. I always loved the Moose documentation but now it’s even better! Great job! I especially liked Moose::Unsweetened!

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