Moose Docs Grant Moving Forward – Recipe Revision

The latest release of Moose, 0.69, marks another completed deliverable in the Moose docs grant. For this release, I finished revising every cookbook recipe in the distro.

My goals were to generally improve the text (Stevan is wordy in hist first drafts ;), and also to make sure we are consistent in our terminology and style.

I also ended moving a fair bit of documentation from cookbook recipes over to the manual. Before the manual existed, some “general doc” pieces ended up in the cookbook for lack of a better home.

In particular, I ended up adding a fair bit of content to the Best Practices manual based on some writing that used to live in Moose::Cookbook::Style.

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5 thoughts on “Moose Docs Grant Moving Forward – Recipe Revision

  1. More details on using Moose with Error objects (not Error, that seems to be incompatible with Moose) would be good.

  2. Thanks for the lovely documentation. It’s very much appreciated. :-)

    I’ve passed the new Moose::Manual::* through my Pod::Manual machine and generated a pdf version of it (well, two actually: one using LaTeX, one using Prince). The pdfs are at if you are interested.

  3. I always loved the Moose documentation but now it’s even better! Great job! I especially liked Moose::Unsweetened!

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