Moose Docs Grant Is Complete

I actually finished the grant about a week ago, but I’ve been so busy I forgot to say anything here!

The last recipe I wrote was a new Basics recipe on subclassing non-Moose classes. The original plan called for a recipe on hooking into Moose’s immutabilization system, but that part of Moose is really nasty, and Yuval Kogman has plans for a major re{factor,write}. There’s really no point is documenting what’s there now. If you’re really intrepid, you can cargo-cult from some other MooseX module.

Thanks to TPF for funding this grant. I think it’s led to some good improvements in the Moose docs. The feedback I’ve gotten on the Manual has been quite positive so far. Of course, nothing’s really ever done, so patches and suggestions are welcome.


Sawyer, on 2009-04-13 04:42, said:
I think Moose is indeed a building block in a more modern, enlightened Perl and any aspect of it that is improved does a great service to the whole community.