Moose Class in Minneapolis – September 23, 2009

The class is scheduled for Wednesday, September 23, 2009, from 8:30am to 5:00pm. The class will be at the Days Inn in Minneapolis near the U of MN campus. There is free on-site parking at the hotel.

The class will run all day, with an hour or so lunch break. I will not be serving food or drinks, but you are welcome to bring your own, of course.

In order to attend, you must register in advance. You can register through the Perl Review and pay online. The class costs $120 per person. This is a very low introductory rate, and future classes will cost substantially more, so take advantage of this opportunity while you can.

Enrollment is limited to 16 people in total.

Here’s the full class description ….

Intro to Moose

Join us for an interactive hands-on course all about Moose. Moose is an OO system for Perl 5 that provides a simple declarative layer of “sugar” on top of a powerful, extensible meta-model.

With Moose, simple classes can be created without writing any subroutines, and complex classes can be simplified. Moose’s features include a powerful attribute declaration system, type constraints and coercions, method modifiers (“before”, “after”, and “around”), a role system (like mixins on steroids), and more. Moose also has a vibrant ecosystem of extensions as seen in the variety of MooseX:: modules on CPAN.

This course will cover Moose’s core features, dip a toe into the meta-model, and explore some of the more powerful MooseX:: modules available on CPAN.

Students are expected to bring a laptop, as you will be writing code during the class. You will also be provided with a tarball a week or so before the class is scheduled, which will contain a directory tree skeleton and test files.