I’m Sorry I Dropped Your Comment

My blog has been getting absolutely flooded with spam recently (c. 4,000+ in the last few days), and I’ve accidentally sent some legit comments to the great spam filter in the sky. The various spam plugins I have caught the vast majority, but that still left a few dozen a day for me to review.

My general policy is to approve all comments, even the obnoxious trolling stuff that follows any mention of a code of conduct. So if you submitted a comment and it didn’t show up, I’m sorry about that.

Just now, I found three legit comments on my last post I’d accidentally spam-bucketed. I’ve now published them, but anything on older posts is long gone.

You’ll notice I’ve added a captcha form to the comments. It’s annoying, but it should slow down the spam, I hope.

If I dropped a comment of yours, feel free to re-submit it, and I will approve it soon.

Also, note that if you log in with an OpenID login (or some other authentication method), your comment is automatically approved.