Want to Work at MaxMind?

The company I work at has posted a new job opening for a senior developer. So if you’ve always wanted to work at a job with me (for some bizarre reason) now’s your chance. Alternatively, consider yourself warned.

Ok, here’s some real info about the position. You’d be a senior developer on a small tech team (me as team lead, two other devs, one sysadmin/dev, one CEO who needs to code less). The company is small, there’s flexibility in working hours, telecommuting is okay, and the pay is good. The code is mostly Perl with a little C and C++.

The downside is we have an cruftastic code base that needs a lot of cleanup. The upside is that we are actually allowed to clean it up! We’re also writing new code that sucks less, with tests, docs, code review, Moose, Web::Machine, Catalyst, and all that good stuff.