Interview with Gabor; Moose Classes at YAPC::NA 2013

Gabor Szabo of Perl Maven recently interviewed me about my work in Perl and other random things. In retrospect, I clearly should have sat up and found some smaller headphones. I look like a very, very lazy nerd. Well, I guess that’s not so far off the mark.

Gabor is doing a series of interviews with folks offering Master Classes at YAPC::NA 2013. I’ll be offering my Intro to Moose class again this year, and it’s not too late to sign up. The class will be on the Thursday after YAPC, June 6.

This class introduces you to all the basic Moose features and gets you to write some real code using those features. The class alternates lectures with hands-on coding. The way the coding works is that I’ve written some tests, and you need to write modules with Moose that make those tests pass. This gives you very immediate feedback, as you can run the test suite at any time to see what is passing so far.

I’ve given this class a number of times and it’s consistently gotten great reviews from students. Here’s Chris Fedde’s feedback:

I thought Dave’s class was outstanding. Well prepared and highly valuable content. This course was one of the best organized I’ve had the opportunity to take.

There’s still time to sign up for this class before YAPC. It’s a steal at just $125. Typically a course like this would run much more than that, but for YAPC we trainers all reduce our prices.

Also, check out Stevan Little’s Advanced Moose class on Friday, June 7. Our two classes go quite well together. Stevan will take you further in depth with various Moose features, and also cover best practices for various Moose features. This is the first YAPC where both of these classes have been available.