MaxMind is Hiring a Senior QA Engineer

MaxMind, Inc., the company I work for, is hiring a Senior QA Engineer. This position is a development position, but your job will focus on writing tests, especially on automating functional testing, helping us build test tools, and working with support and customers to understand and document bugs. You won’t really be developing end products, nor do we expect you to spend a lot of time doing manual testing except when that’s necessary for reproducing bugs or building a test suite.

We’d really like to find someone with a strong interest and background in QA, not just a developer looking for any development job. We have a growing body of unit tests, but there are still many aspects of our products that need better testing and would benefit from functional tests that focus on how users interact with our products.

Perl experience would be helpful since our system is written in Perl, and we expect new tools to be written in Perl unless there’s an existing tool in another language that does the job.