MaxMind is Hiring

We’ve actually been trying to hire someone for a while, but there was some question about what states we can hire from.

First of all, we’re hiring a Senior Software Engineer. This involves a lot of Perl, some Go, and the possibility of C and other languages from time to time. This is mostly backend work, building web services at an ever growing scale. We’re accepting applications for this position from all US states and Canada.

Perl experience is a plus, as is Go. However, we’re happy to consider anyone with some dynamic language experience. Perl is pretty easy to learn if you know Python or Ruby. Our code base is mostly written in Modern Perl using Moose, Plack/PSGI, DBIx::Class, and other good tools like that. We’re slowly weeding out the ancient crufty code, and we’ll be replacing our use of Apache::PageKit with Mojolicious in the future. We also have an extensive test suite built with Test::Class::Moose.

As a bonus or penalty (you pick), I’m the Software Engineering Team Lead, and we’ll be working together a lot.

The entire team is effectively remote, so we coordinate our work through HipChat and Google Hangouts. We also use Pivotal Tracker and GitHub Enterprise, and all new work is done in branches with code review before merging. All new code and bug fixes are expected to come with tests.

We’re also hiring a Frontend Software Engineer to help us build single page apps using modern JavaScript. As the first Frontend Software Engineer at MaxMind, you’ll be in a position to set standards for frameworks, testing, and everything frontend-related. For now, this position is defined as being in the office part-time, so it’s local to Waltham, MA. That may change in the future.

Finally, we’re hiring an Interaction Designer to help make these new single page apps user-friendly. Also, you’ll get to make our website much less meh. Please note that the Interaction Designer position is onsite, not telecommuting.