Please Test MooseX::Params::Validate 0.20

A little while back I asked people to test Params::Validate 1.14. Judging by the lack of bug reports I’m sure that many people tested it and it worked fine.

Ok, just kidding. I strongly suspect almost no one tested it and that someone will yell at me for breaking their software. But hey, I tried.

Now I’m asking folks to try out MooseX::Params::Validate 0.20. This release makes a rather major change to the exception thrown when a type constraint rejects a value. The exception is now an object, and it stringifies to something that includes the message generated by the type constraint object, just like Moose does internally.

This is a big improvement when debugging, since the generic Params::Validate message may be much less helpful than a custom message you provide. However, if you have code that traps exceptions and matches the message against a regex, that code might break.

So please test release this against your code base. If the only issue you find is a change in error text, please adjust your code accordingly. Of course, if you find some other unintended bug I introduced, please let me know about it. Once again, if I don’t hear anything in the next week or so, I’ll feel free to release a non-trial version.