My Two Master Classes at YAPC::NA::2015

This year at YAPC I’ll be giving two master classes. Why am I doing this? I don’t know, I think I may be insane. But that aside, here’s some info about said classes.

My first class is Introduction to Moose. I’ve been giving this class for a number of years, and it’s always been well-received. The class will take place on Sunday, June 7, the day before the conference proper begins. The cost of the class is a mere $175 for a full day! The format of the class consists of alternating lecture and exercise blocks, so you’ll be writing a lot of code over the course of the day. The class is aimed at intermediate Perl programmers with a basic understanding of OO who want to learn more about Moose.

Here’s what one past student said about the class:

Great class. I especially liked your problem sets. You gave out problems you expected your class to actually solve, and you allowed class time for solving them. This should be a basic expectation for any class, but it’s amazing how often teachers don’t do this.

You can find more details about the class content on the master class page on the YAPC::NA::2015 site.

The second class is Introduction to Go. This is a new class for me, and I’m excited to offer it. This class will take place on Thursday, June 11, the day after the conference proper ends. This class is also $175. Like the Moose class, the format is alternativing lecture and exercise blocks, so you’ll get hands-on experience writing Go code. This class is aimed at people who already know one programming language and want to learn Go.

You can register for these classes, as well as several other excellent master classes from other instructors, by going to the YAPC::NA::2015 purchasing page. The class size for both classes is limited to about 15 people (I don’t remember the exact limit), so register now to reserve your spot.