Looking for Work

My last day at MaxMind will be January 5, 2017. For the curious, I left of my own free will. I was not laid off, fired, put into a cannon and launched into space, or NDA’d as seen on the TV show Incorporated.

So now it’s time to find something else to do to fill my time and checking account. I’m open to both consulting work and full-time employment.

My ideal position would look a lot like what I did at MaxMind. I would absolutely love to help a company grow its engineering side, including working on hiring, product development, development processes, technical standards, etc. I really enjoyed this part of my position at MaxMind, where as Software Engineering Team Lead I helped the company grow from 3 to 15 engineering staff over about 5 years.

That said, I’m not too keen on working 80 hours a week at a startup. I’ve done the startup thing, and it was fun, but also stressful and chaotic. Instead, I’d love to help a small profitable company grow into a larger, more profitable company.

I realize that such positions are few and far between, and my position at MaxMind may have been a unicorn. So my not-quite-ideal-but-still-very-satisfying position would be in some sort of technical leadership position at a company, where I can provide technical leadership and mentoring to others, as well as writing code. And I’m open to being just a developer too, as long as my employer already has their stuff together. Please note I’m not looking to move into a position that is just management. I still enjoy coding and solving technical challenges.

My position at MaxMind was four 8 hour days a week. I loved that schedule, and would love to continue it. Something along those lines would be incredibly attractive.

I live in Minneapolis, MN and will not relocate, but I am open to a reasonable amount of travel for face to face interactions.

You can read my resume online. Please contact me if you’re looking for someone like me.