Come Work for Me at ActiveState

I’m sure my legion of faithful readers all shares one dream. That dream is to one day have the great joy of working for me. Well, faithful readers, that dream could come true for one lucky person among your number. [Note to self: what’s the best emote for eye rolling?]

I’m hiring for a Senior Developer position on my team at ActiveState. We’re working on an incredibly ambitious product that will make development easier for everyone who uses it. I’m quite excited about its potential and the growth potential of the company. We’re just getting started so there will be a lot of green field dev work going forward.

We’re using some Perl for tooling, but Go is the language of choice for the core services that make up the application. We’re also using fun cutting edge tech like Docker, Kuberenetes, Mesos, etc. So there’s lots to learn as well (for me as much as anyone).

You can read the full job description on the ActiveState website. Feel free to comment here or grab me on IRC/Slack/email if you have any questions. If you want to talk about salary please just apply. The first step after resume review is a quick phone conversation with our HR/recruitment person, Patrick. You can talk to him about exactly that question during the call.

I look forward to seeing your applications.