ActiveState is Still Hiring

We’re still hiring for a bunch of positions. But fear not, the position working directly for me has been filled, so you’re safe to apply now. Here’s what’s available:

  • Windows Build Engineer - You need to really understand the Windows OS and how to compile things there for this one. Have you ever built Perl, Python, or OpenSSL on Windows? Have you ever written cross-platform C code that compiled on Windows? Do you know how to use Windows CLI tools for compilation? If so, please apply!
  • Elm Developer - The frontend for our new platform is in Elm. You must have Elm experience for this one.
  • Senior Full Stack Go Developer - Folks in this position will be working on backend services in Go and our frontend in Elm. No Elm experience is required, but you must have some Go and basic JS experience. Experience with Elm or tools like React and Redux are a huge plus.
  • Javascript / Node.js Language Specialist - Build Engineer - As with the Windows position, we’re looking for someone with significant expertise here. We want someone with experience building Node from source (ideally on multiple platforms) and a deep understanding of the Node ecosystem package build system(s).
  • Java Language Specialist - Build Engineer - Have you ever compiled Java from source? Are you a Maven expert? Do you know how to compile Java packages which link to C libraries on multiple platforms? We need you!
  • VP Marketing - What are the chances that anyone who reads my blog is qualified for this position? Extremely low, I suspect.
  • Digital Marketing Manager - Ditto.

All of the positions are open to remotes except the Digital Marketing Manager. However, of those only the Windows Build Engineering, Elm Developer, and Developer Advocate positions are available outside of Canada.