Job Search 2022 Update: Postscript

I’ve been at MongoDB for six weeks now and it’s been great. BTW, we’re hiring and we have a lot of remote engineering positions1. Please email me if you have questions about working at MongoDB or about specific positions2.

But that’s not why I’m writing this post. No, I’m writing because apparently my job search wasn’t quite done.

Today. Today! TODAY! I got an email from GitHub saying that the position I applied for had been filled:

The role that you originally applied for has now been filled unfortunately. However, GitHub is continuing to build our team and we are still hiring for a number of roles. Please feel free to check out our Careers Page and see if there are any positions that look appropriate for you and please apply if so!

Yes, I’m definitely going to apply for another role. After all, it took them just 99 days to respond to my first application. I should apply again. Maybe I’ll hear back before I retire.

Also, back on May 16, I heard from Oso, who look like a hare next to GitHub’s tortoise. It took them just 67 days.

I really don’t understand what’s going on at either of these places.

Of course, both of them have Netflix beat, who still haven’t responded at all.

Tech hiring. It’s ridiculous.

  1. Click on the “All locations” dropdown and you’ll see various remote options. ↩︎

  2. No promises on whether I can answer those questions, but I can try. ↩︎