Come (Maybe) Be the Boss of Me

When I started at MongoDB in May of 2022 I was the fourth person on my team. Since then, we’ve hired six more engineers, bringing us to a total of 10 people. That’s a big team!

That’s why we are hiring for a new Team Lead, so that we can split into two teams. I’m not sure which team I’ll end up on, but this is your chance to maybe be my new boss! If telling me what to do appeals to you then you should apply right away.

Note that this job is available remotely in North America.

Also, Engineering Team Leads at MongoDB still write code in addition to their management duties. Teams are generally smaller (you’d have 5 direct reports) for that reason. So if you’re interested in management but don’t want to give up coding, this is a great opportunity.

I’ve been really happy working at MongoDB for the last ten months. If you have any questions about the company, team, or product, please reach out to me. I’m happy to chat via email, phone, or video about my experience at MongoDB and any other topic.