Pirating music I already bought

I was listening to Massive Attack’s Mezzanine today and I happened to notice that I was missing a track in Rhythmbox. I bought this CD ages ago, and it’s been in my MP3 library for a long time, so it’s funny that I just noticed this. I went back to my old home-made MP3 server … (Read More)

Am I a modern dinosaur?

♪ I’m a dinosaur, somebody is digging my bones ♪ – King Crimson I just read a great article/talk by Charles Petzold that was recently (re-)posted on reddit. He talks about how Windows IDEs have involved, and how they influence the way one programs. Reading it, I was struck by just how ancient the way … (Read More)

Moose Book? Well, Sort Of …

Occasionally, someone will pop up and say that Moose really needs a book. “X looks good, but it needs a book before I can learn it” is a common meme among programmers. This is crazy, of course. Demanding a book before you learn something means you’ll never learn a lot of things. Book publishing is … (Read More)

TDD != Unit Testing

I’ve just recently noticed people conflating Test-Driven Development (TDD) with unit testing. Why? I’m guessing this happens because folks with the TDD bug evangelise their particular approach to testing, and they’re the loudest. See this silly blog post and the comments (particularly Giles Bowkett). Also see this blog post by Michael Feathers. I first noticed … (Read More)

Giving Good Talk

I was at Frozen Perl this last weekend, and listening to some of the speakers inspired me to write about giving a good tech talk. I also speak at a lot of conferences, and these are tips I (try to) follow for my own talks. If you’ve seen me speak and think I did a … (Read More)

My Perl 6 Experience Today

I decided to give Perl 6 a go today at the Frozen Perl Hackathon. It was a great opportunity because I had Patrick Michaud sitting across the table from me, and I was able pick his brain both about Perl and the Rakudo/Parrot issues I was seeing. The last time I looked at Perl 6 … (Read More)


I’m very excited to announce the first release of the new Moose::Manual documentation as part of the Moose 0.66 release. This is part of the documentation work being funded by the Moose docs grant from TPF. One of the complaints we often hear about Moose is that the docs are not good enough, and that … (Read More)

The Many Axes of Software Development

People want many things from software, and those desires are often contradictory. There’s a constant back and forth about what people want from CPAN modules, in particular. It seems like we have the same arguments year after year. I think talking about priorities before talking about why something is good or bad is crucial. So … (Read More)

Epic Fantastic Ecology

I enjoy reading a good epic fantasy from time to time. Sure, it’s a well-worn genre, but I like a big story, and if it’s well-written, it can be fun. I just finished re-reading Tad Williams’ Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn trilogy (for the first time since it was published 20 years ago). It was enjoyable, … (Read More)