I’d Like to Be Dead Like Perl

The “Perl is Dead” meme has been going around for some time. It seems like one of those self-reinforcing things that people keep repeating, but where’s the evidence? The other half of the meme is that other dynamic languages, specifically Ruby, Python, and PHP are gaining market/mind share. That is true. I hear a lot … (Read More)

But I Like Docs, Roy!

Roy Fielding, the inventor of REST, wrote a blog post recently titled REST APIs must be hypertext-driven. It’s quite hard to understand, being written in pure academese, but I think I get the gist. The gist is that for an API to be properly RESTful it must be discoverable. Specifically, you should be able to … (Read More)

Favorite Concerts

I just got back from seeing The Magnetic Fields, and it was a great show. It got me thinking about the most memorable concerts I’ve seen over the years. In no particular order … Weird Al at Toad’s Place in New Haven, 1991 (or 1992). I know how deeply uncool it is to admit this, … (Read More)

You don’t need to scale

Programmers like to talk about scaling and performance. They talk about how they made things faster, how some app somewhere is hosted on some large number of machines, how they can parallelize some task, and so on. They particularly like to talk about techniques used by monster sites like Yahoo, Twitter, Flickr, etc. Things like … (Read More)

Cross-posting from Movable Type to use Perl

If you’re seeing this on use Perl then the cross-poster is working. You can get it from my svn. You’ll also need to install WWW::UsePerl::Journal, which I monkey patch like crazy in the plugin. I have submitted patches to barbie, though, so hopefully that’ll go away in the future. The plugin isn’t too smart, so … (Read More)

Substituting Volunteer Labor for Money

Lately, I’ve been thinking a bit about how at Compassionate Action for Animals we often substitute volunteer labor for money. I think this is fundamental for any activist organization, and learning how to exploit this dynamic is a key to success. I’m thinking specifically of the conference we just put on. We got a lot … (Read More)


No, unfortunately not the programming kind. Those I can deal with. No, these are in my house, but mostly my home office, keeps getting full of these weird bugs. I think they’re Chinch Bugs, though my friend John swears he’s seen them before and they’re something else. Either way, it’s very annoying. They don’t bite … (Read More)