Docker Image Tags Aren’t Enough

As part of my ci-perl-helpers project I generate a whole bunch of Docker images. Specifically, every time I push to a branch (including master) or a tag, I make 96 images. There is one base image and then one image for each specific version of Perl (5.8.9, 5.10.1, 5.12.0, etc.) plus a blead image. For each version of Perl I build a perl binary with and without threads. Obviously the number of images will only grow over time.

Tales of the Plague Times

If I had grandchildren … GC: “Grandpa, tell us about the plague times of 2020.” Me: “Well, I guess you’re finally old enough to hear the real story of what we lived through. It was a dark, dark time. I saw a man gut another man for a square of toilet paper. A woman burned her closest friend alive over a disinfectant wipe. If you had hand sanitizer you were a king among men.

I Weigh Way Less

Added on 2020-02-12: For reference, I’m 6'7" (200cm). I added BMI numbers whenever I mention my weight to clarify this. Don’t worry, I’m not promoting anything. I have no diet plan or supplements1 to sell you. At my peak weight some time in the past I weighed 305 pounds (BMI 34.4), according to the scale at my doctor’s office. As of recently (I think yesterday) I’m down to around 218 (BMI 24.

Breaking Changes to My Perl CI Helpers Project Incoming

I’m working on what I plan to be the next version of my Perl CI Helpers project and it will break any existing use of said project. Fortunately, I’ve been tagging releases and you can easily pin your consumption of the project to a specific tag! If you want to pin to the last release, you can do this in your config like this: resources: repositories: - repository: ci-perl-helpers type: github name: houseabsolute/ci-perl-helpers ref: refs/tags/v0.

Please Test the Tidyall Trial Release

Yesterday I released a trial version of Code-Tidyall. This version contains a change based on a PR by Kenneth Ölwing that (I hope) prevents tidyall from munging line endings when it processes a file. The problem the PR fixes can occur when you have a file with Unix line endings and you run tidyall on Windows. Most tidyall plugins that do tidying (as opposed to linting) will open the file and rewrite it using Perl.

Vegan Tater Tot Hot Dish Recipe

When my great-grandmother was growing up in the Outer Lumbago Republic she’d often … Just kidding. Here’s the recipe without twenty paragraphs of irrelevant SEO-optimizing blather: Ingredients Olive oil 2 medium onions 1 bag of vegan ground beef (Gardein, Beyond, you choose) Some spices you like 16-24 ounces of frozen carrots, corn, and peas 1 tub of vegan cream cheese of your choice 12 ounces of cream of something soup (I like Imagine Foods Creamy Broccoli) 1 big ol' bag of tater tots (Ore-Ida Extra Crispy are good) 1 package of vegan cheese shreds (Parmela and Daiya both work) Instructions Chop the two onions and sautee them in olive oil until they are browned.

My New CI Helpers for Perl

Many years ago, Travis CI was the only game in town for FOSS project CI, because it was the only service that offered unlimited free builds for FOSS projects. Many projects took Travis up on the offer, and I set up testing for all of my Perl projects there. Switching to CI was a huge improvement for many projects across many languages, and I hugely appreciate the impact Travis has had on my FOSS work.

On Shutting Down

After 17 years (or so) of operation, I’m shutting down You can read more about why by following that link. When I created the site, I was 28 (which means I’m now 45). Creating the site was a lot of work, and I did it in my “free” time outside of paying work. I think at the time I was doing consulting work and probably not working full time. I do miss the ability to simply put a huge amount of time and focus into a personal project, and I won’t rule out going back to consulting in the future.

ActiveState is Still Hiring

We’re still hiring for a bunch of positions. But fear not, the position working directly for me has been filled, so you’re safe to apply now. Here’s what’s available: Windows Build Engineer - You need to really understand the Windows OS and how to compile things there for this one. Have you ever built Perl, Python, or OpenSSL on Windows? Have you ever written cross-platform C code that compiled on Windows?

Testing go.mod Tidiness in CI

Updated August 18 per discussion on /r/golang. Thanks to user Bake_Jailey for noting that running go mod tidy can do more than just remove unneeded module requirements. Now that Go modules are a thing, I’m starting to use them for my Go projects. So far it’s been a nice improvement from dep and before that, godep. With Go modules you end up with two files in your repo, go.mod and go.