Job Search 2022 Update: Week 3

Week 3 of my job search has come to a close, and boy is my brain tired! I’m looking forward to starting a new job just so I can do something less exhausting than interviewing all week. I had a lot of interviews (and a homework assignment) this week, but first, here’s where I stand with various places … First, the list of shame, which is those companies that have not responded after more than two weeks:

Job Search 2022 Update: Week 2

Week 2 is over. My applications are moving forward in some places, and getting no response from some places. So it’s exactly what I’d expect. Last Sunday, I was looking at my job search spreadsheet and realized I’d somehow deleted 1Password, so I quickly put in an application there. That brings my application total to 18, plus I’ve had some sort of informal talks with a few other places. Of the places I’ve applied, the following companies simply haven’t responded yet (excluding the automated email they send to all applicants):

Job Search 2022 Update: Week 1.1

So after my last update, I had one small change to write about. For reference, I live in Minneapolis, which means I’m in America/Chicago (US Central). I’d been talking to an (external) recruiter about positions at Namely. The recruiter told me they asked, “Are you willing to work east coast hours?”. I asked what that meant, since I’m very much not a morning person, and I’m not up to working 8-4 my time.

Job Search 2022 Update: Week 1

Week 1 of my job search is coming to a close. Here’s an update on what I’ve been up to and where I’m at. See my first job search post for a TLDR of what I’m looking for. Please let me know if you have an opportunity that fits! First off, I’d like to thank the people who’ve reached out to me in various ways since my first post, as well as people I’ve contacted for the inside scoop at various places:

Let the Job Search Begin; And My First Interviews

So it’s that time of my life again. The time when a not-so-young1 man has to get a job because he can’t live off his savings forever. And that not-so-young man is me. If you know of something that might be a good fit for me please let me know. I wrote up a TLDR I’ve been sharing with recruiters that will help you figure out if something is a good fit for me.

Checking Tailwind Class Names at Compile Time with Rust

At the end of my last post, “Frontend Rust Without Node”, I talked about my big issue with using Tailwind CSS. It has a huge number of classes, I can’t remember their names, so I often typed them incorrectly. This made it difficult to figure out why my styling wasn’t doing what I thought. TLDR: Don’t care about how any of this works, but just want to use the tooling I wrote?

Frontend Rust Without Node

When I started my frontend Rust project, I used a Seed project starter template that included Tailwind, webpack, some more JS frontend dev stuff, and some TypeScript glue code that launches the app. This was a lot of stuff. Stuff for me to install. Stuff for me to run. Stuff for me to (not) understand. So. Much. Stuff! To be clear, I don’t want to dump on the author of this template.

What Do I Want from My Next Job? 2022 Edition

The last time I wrote about this was 8 days after I left my last position, at ActiveState. Since writing that post, I’ve continued to think about what I want, and my thinking has evolved. TLDR: Top tier TC1 or a 4 day week, and both would be ideal (but unlikely). 5+ weeks of PTO. Yes++ to Rust. No Java or PHP. No companies in certain fields like crypto. I want to do a significant amount of IC work, even if I’m in a management position.

My Rust Frontend Experiences

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been working on a music player for a while as a fun side project. Though since I’ve been jobless this has actually been my primary project, and I’ve probably spent more time coding than I did at work1. This almost looks like a real app but don't be fooled. Half the buttons don't work yet. My goal was always to build a backend that could support multiple frontends, especially a web app and mobile apps.

My PDF Resume Script

Edit 2022-01-19: I’ve since moved the script to a public repo. Also, I’ve reformatted my resume to make it a bit shorter, so here’s a more recent PDF version. I only want to have one canonical resume, and I want to keep it on my personal website. That makes it trivial to update, and anyone with the link can see the latest version at all times. But unfortunately very few job application systems will accept a link to a resume.