Free Software Sunday

I’ve been in Taiwan for about four weeks now. Most of the time I was working remotely (more remotely than usual), but for the last few days I’ve been on a real vacation in Taipei. I’ve had time to kill while my wife talks to her relatives (my Mandarin is not good enough for extended … (Read More)

My Take on the Latest YAPC Code of Conduct Kerfuffle

Michael Schwern has withdrawn as a speaker from YAPC::NA 2013 because he does not believe that the conference organizers will enforce the conference’s published Code of Conduct. This is based in part on a discussion (fight? spat? brawl?) that happened on the #yapc IRC channel recently. The transcript of said discussion is probably worth … (Read More)

MaxMind is Hiring a Senior QA Engineer

MaxMind, Inc., the company I work for, is hiring a Senior QA Engineer. This position is a development position, but your job will focus on writing tests, especially on automating functional testing, helping us build test tools, and working with support and customers to understand and document bugs. You won’t really be developing end products, … (Read More)

Interview with Gabor; Moose Classes at YAPC::NA 2013

Gabor Szabo of Perl Maven recently interviewed me about my work in Perl and other random things. In retrospect, I clearly should have sat up and found some smaller headphones. I look like a very, very lazy nerd. Well, I guess that’s not so far off the mark. Gabor is doing a series of interviews … (Read More)

The Future of Perl (5)

The recent discussion that started with Ovid’s Perl 7 blog post has me thinking about the future of Perl, and Perl 5 in particular. We hear that Perl is dying on a regular basis, and while I take that with a grain of salt, the fact that so many non-Perl people seem to believe this … (Read More)’s Password Strength Check

I’m creating a new account at and it’s time for me to choose a password. I’m quite impressed with their password strength checker. First of all, the get big points for recommending a pass-phrase, not a pass-word. In their words: Passphrase? Yes. Passphrases are easier to remember and more secure than traditional passwords. For … (Read More)

Perl 5.17.7’s Release Epigraph

Continuing a tradition that I’m hoping other release managers will pick up (some have so far, but not all), here’s some notes about the epigraph I included with the email announcing Perl 5.17.7. The epigraph itself is from R. Scott Bakker’s The Darkness That Comes Before, which is the first in a somewhat grim speculative … (Read More)

New Comment Policy

Since I have some new blog software, I’m enacting a new comment policy to go with it. In the past, I’ve approved basically all non-spam comments. After my last post, the only comment I received was a very rude comment suggesting that it was an attempt to “defend” my use of WordPress. I deleted this … (Read More)

Moving to WordPress

If you’ve visited my blog before, you might notice that it’s now running on WordPress rather than Moveable Type. I’m a little sad to be moving from a Perl application to one in PHP, but WordPress is just a better solution these days. The main reason I moved was that I was stuck on MT4. … (Read More)