Perl Conference 2019 Tutorials

Once again I’m doing two tutorials at The Perl Conference this year! On Thursday, June 20 I’ll be offering my Introduction to Moose course. This is likely to be the last time I offer this course so sign up now. If you want learn more about using Moose this is a great opportunity. I’d also note that most of what I cover applies to Moo, so what you’ll learn is useful in many situations.

Golang Versus GitHub

This is a story of how Go’s package management system and GitHub fought a war, and how the war was lost (by me). Go references packages by a repository name, so if you want to important a package you write something like import "". It’s simple, right? Yes, it is. When you want to submit a proposed patch to a repo on GitHub, you fork, make a new branch (because you’re not a monster who makes a PR from master), and then you submit a PR.

Cataclysm: DDA Launcher CLI

I’ve been playing the heck out of Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead lately. It’s a fun and challenging open source post-apocalyptic roguelike turn-based game. It’s in active development but there aren’t regular releases so you need to track the repo’s HEAD if you want to play the latest version (or a recent version). This has been a pain on Linux, and so I ended up just playing on my Windows machine using the excellent CDDA Game Launcher application.

I’m Hiring at ActiveState Again

I have not one, but two, count ’em two, piping hot positions open on the Build Engineering team I manage here at ActiveState! The ActiveState Careers page has two Build Engineer positions open, one for Linux and one for Windows. We’re going to hire two people, but we could hire two of one and not the other. That said, I would really love to bring in some Windows build expertise to this team, so if that’s you please apply today.

Come Work for Me at ActiveState, The Sequel

A while back I posted about a development position on my team. Now I have a new position open for a Build Engineer. If you take a look at the ActiveState Careers page you’ll see that there are actually two Build Engineer positions open, one for Linux and one for Windows. We’re only going to hire one person but we wanted to be open to people with different skillsets and backgrounds.

My U.S. Go Congress Trip

I just finished up my trip to the U.S. Go Congress in Williamsburg, VA. This was my first Go Congress and I find the comparison between this event and programming conferences interesting. First of all, the Go Congress has nothing to do with Golang the programming language. This is an event for players of Go, the strategy board game, also known as Baduk (Korean) or Weiqi (Chinese). The Go Congress was intense.

A Reading List

A friend recently commented on a Facebook post asking for some reading recommendations, which I then gave him (boy, did I ever!). But I realized that I don’t want it to just disappear down the Facebook memory hole so I’m reposting it here. Blogs (EA/rationalist/politics/philosophy) Slate Star Codex - EA, rationalist, lots of nerdy philosophy/political stuff. Areo Magazine - Liberal Left but not “Progressive” articles, writing quality varies but mostly good.

Making Docker Play Nice with Ferm Firewalls on Linux

I’ve been using Docker a fair bit for work at ActiveState recently. It’s quite nice and makes creating and deploying services much simpler. However, it can also be incredibly annoying when I’m using it locally on my desktop. By default, the Docker daemon (dockerd) messes with iptables in order to allow docker images to connect to the interwebs. But if you already have a firewall in place there’s a good chance that this won’t work.

Come Work for Me at ActiveState

I’m sure my legion of faithful readers all shares one dream. That dream is to one day have the great joy of working for me. Well, faithful readers, that dream could come true for one lucky person among your number. [Note to self: what’s the best emote for eye rolling?] I’m hiring for a Senior Developer position on my team at ActiveState. We’re working on an incredibly ambitious product that will make development easier for everyone who uses it.

My Perl Conference Tutorials

I’m doing two tutorials this year at The Perl Conference! On Thursday, June 21 I’ll be offering my Introduction to Moose course once again. If you want learn more about using Moose this is a great opportunity. I’d also note that most of what I cover applies to Moo, so what you’ll learn is useful in many situations. On Friday, June 22 I’m bringing back my Introduction to Go course. I did this in 2015 and then put it on the shelf as I wasn’t doing so much Go for a while.